Biosensor films for optical blood glucose test strips

Project description


According to the report from the World Health Organization, the amount of the People, who suffer from Diabetes, rise rapidly in the recent years. It is important for these Patients to control their blood sugar level regularly. One effective method is to measure the change of the reflected light, which is caused by the reaction between the enzyme on the test strip (shown in the following figure) and the glucose in the blood. In this way, the glucose concentration can be characterized.


The goal of the project is to make the measurement more accurate and quicker, what depends strongly on the structure of the film on the strip, which would be affected by the drying process. In this project, the wettability, the component distribution, and the stability and activity of the enzyme in the film will be researched under different drying conditions.

In addition, the unwanted water absorption of the film from the gaseous water in the air may make the test trip useless. Therefore, it is also a part of this work to investigate the unwanted rewetting behaviour of the film.

This project is cooperated with the Roche Diagnositics.